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Lausanne North Korea Consultation (Seoul-Korea November 15-17 2018)

The purpose of the consultation is to produce a training curriculum which can be utilized by churches, organizations, and even informal groups of friends to learn more about the Korean peninsula. The consultation will feature top North Korea field experts and scholars in a TED-talk format. We will give a historical background of the Korean peninsula and then delve into issues that are relevant for those preparing to work inside North Korea as well as for unification of the Korean peninsula. Participants will act as the first cohort in running and testing the curriculum.


  • Ben Torrey (Director of The Fourth River Project, Inc.)
  • Justin Hastings ( Associate Professor at the University of Sydney in Australia)
  • Chung-yoube Ha (숭실대학교 기독교통일지도자훈련센터장)
  • Michael Schluter (A social entrepreneur and has launched six non-profits whose work includes international peace-building (Concordis International), alternative finance (Allia) and social policy (Credit Action)
  • Sarah Son(Research Director of the Transitional Justice Working Group, a Research Professor at Korea University’s Human Rights Center)
  • Yang Chang Seok (Korea Executive Director for the Ignis Community)
  • Kyo Seong Ahn (Ph.D. Associate Professor at the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary)
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The Lausanne Movement is not an organization, but an organic movement without formal membership structure. Wherever you are in the world, if you’re passionate about mission, we invite you to explore the many ways you can connect with the Lausanne Movement.


The church in East Asia has become a great force of sending missionaries, but we have yet to see even greater works when the persecuted church in this region will one day join fully the cause of world evangelization.  And towards this end, I warmly invite you to participate in the work of Lausanne in East Asia.

Lausanne North Korean Consultation 2018

We seek to live out what we hear in God's word, and submit ourselves to its authority. We also seek the accountability of the Body of Christ, to help us better understand and follow God’s word.

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